New Physics Theory


James A Putnam



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Physics, Life, and Intelligence




Physics is a mechanical interpretation of the nature of the universe. It relies upon empirical evidence in the form of patterns of changes of velocities of objects. Those patterns consist always and only of effects. We cannot learn what cause is from that evidence, only what cause does. Cause remains physics most pervasive unknown. There are, though, also pseudo unknowns. Pseudo unknowns are the answers to those questions that go unanswered because physicists don't know yet how to proceed forward or have misled themselves to miss the answers due to guesses that have become part of physics equations. Without theorists' guesses, there would be obvious blank spaces in incomplete physics equations. Whenever blank spaces show themselves in physics equations they are fertile ground from which the guess side of theoretical physics sprouts. Unknowns do not stop theorists. Theorists will move forward in the face of the unknown. They use their educated imaginations to invent substitute answers that fill in blanks in physics equations. My work consists of reports on the damage that this practice often results in. It puts forward a remedy for removing theorists' mistaken intrusions into physics equations and allowing the equations' empirical forms to reveal empirically supported truths.